Monday, September 12, 2011

say what you mean

and mean what you say! empece la semana un poco filosófica, así que les quiero compartir estos bellísimos posters sobre verdades y mentiras en las que incurrimos cotidianamente.


Vanessa Ramaglia said...

Hi Cecilia, here it´s Vanessa that was from Philips CL Latam RBU. How are you? It´s being quite long a time that I´m reading your blog, but I never had a time to leave a comment. Now I can´t even remember how I´ve found it. jajaja
Just writting to say hello and to let you know that there´s someone reading you. It´s always good to know. jaja
Take care ;)

ce said...

Hi Vanessa!! Your comment made me so happy!! I've missed working with you! hope you're doing great!
I love that you found my blog and that you like it!!

quieroynecesito said...

Hoy más que nunca me identifico con el ultimo! de hecho... te lo robo para mi muro de FB...
muy buenos todos! :)